Recipes · 05-05-2020
Enjoy these simple pancakes on a sunday morning...or on every other day of the week aswell.

Travel · 28-09-2019
In august this year I met my friend from Holland for the first time!

Recipes · 28-01-2019
These carob cookies are perfect for a healthy snack or dessert.

Tips · 19-01-2019
Morning is my favorite time of the day. I'm here to show you how you can create your personal morning routine.

Recipes · 31-12-2018
I made rawnola for the first time two days ago and I'm already hooked on it. Rawnola is basically granola but you don't bake it. I like to make rawnola for breakfast and eat it with fruit and soy yogurt. With the leftover rawnola I make these energy balls. You can vary some of the ingredients as you like, however, keep the basic ingredients oats, buckwheat, and dates.

Travel · 28-12-2018
I love all kinds of lists! Bucket lists are my absolute favorite. They inspire me and fill me with enthusiasm. So of course I would like to share my bucket list for life with you.

Recipes · 23-12-2018
I'm sharing my favorite smoothie recipe. This green smoothie is packed with healthy nutrients and lots of vitamins.

Travel · 12-12-2018
Today I'm sharing my experiences from my trip to cres island in croatia.

Recipes · 09-12-2018
This Oatmeal is the perfect breakfast for the winter time.